8 Tips for Engagement Photos

1. Location, location, location.Choose a location that means something to both of you. Whether you feel like trekking through nature for the perfect outdoor shot or cozying up in the cafe where you two first met, you’ll want to be snapped in a place you feel attached to and comfortable with.

2. Wear soft and solid colors.Wear softer, solid colors, and avoid bold hues and intricate patterns. This will ensure that you two don’t clash with your surroundings!

3. Coordinate and complement, but don’t match!When coordinating outfits, try to complement each other instead of matching exact colors. Think about different shades of the same color, or incorporating your fiancé’s colors into accessories and accents

.4. Speaking of accessories, keep it simple.Think about having one statement piece, or keeping things to a minimum. Anything too flashy or conspicuous will likely draw the attention away from you and your fiancé!

5. Don’t be afraid of a little PDA.You’re getting married -- you have the right to play up the affection and show the world just how in love you two are. Hold hands, wrap your arms around each other, or give each other a smooch if you feel so inclined.

6. Bring props!Signs, blankets, confetti, sparklers, and other props can go a long way. Not only do they add a fun touch to your photos, they also keep you from being super aware of the camera and simply having fun in the moment.

7. Shooting outdoors? Come prepared with these five things.Y'all know what summer in Texas is like. Bring a fan, tissues, blotting sheets, cold water, and a pair of shoes to easily traverse in. Keeping cool, hydrated, and comfortable are key. Remember that when you feel your best, you definitely look your best!

8. Be yourselves.Every couple is different and has a unique story to tell. Let the camera follow you two in your element -- play around, have fun, and do what feels right to you.

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