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why double knot? so glad you asked.

We get it -- wedding photographers and videographers can all blur together after weeks of research and your 99th portfolio review.  So what makes Double Knot different?

1. media team search

See real-time team availability, browse individual portfolios, and select who you want to be at your wedding using our media team search. Simply visit our check availability page to begin.

We handpick every photographer and videographer on our team for talent and experience, provide them with extensive training, support, and coordination, all to ensure consistently amazing media on every wedding.
Know who will be at your wedding before you book.
Select whichever photographer or videographer speaks to your specific style.
Browse extensive portfolios and blog posts for each photographer and videographer.

2. infinite, instant package quotes

Every weddings is different, so we made it possible to build custom quotes with instant pricing. Whatever the hours, photo and video, and whatever add-ons tickle your fancy. Build your wedding media package the way you need it to be.
Spread hours and team members across multiple days.
Don't be boxed in by pre-set packages (though we have those too as helpful suggestions).
Our instant quote tool will show you pricing as you update hours, team members, and add-ons.

3. candid and authentic style

We may be slightly biased, but we believe the photos you will look back on in thirty years and truly treasure are the in-between, authentic ones. Not knocking a posed photo (we love them too), but our main focus is being ready to capture those funny/happy/tearful/outrageous/loving split-seconds at any time.
Collaborate with your photographer and videographer as much or as little you like. Pinterest boards, inspo media, adjectives -- all are encouraged.
Worried about being relaxed in front of the camera? Totally understandable and common, which is why we have a million little ways to make everyone feel comfortable.

3. 10+ years, 400+ weddings

In wedding photo and video, experience matters. It takes years to know how to prepare for each and every moment, to know when to reassure, when to direct, and when to stand back, and to be able to feel your spidey-sense tingling when a great moment is about to happen. And then, before and after the wedding, we've developed an airtight process to ensure we are on the same page and totally prepared for your day.
We've heard and answered every question in the book, so don't hesitate to rely on us for vendor recommendations, timeline options, or any other questions that might come up.

4. dedicated studio manager & editors

We focus on the little things, too: responding to emails within three business hours, performing that last quality check before sending out the final product, double and triple checking our media backups, and many other small checkpoints that add up to guarantee of quality on each and every wedding. With dedicated, expert staff in each role, we provide the specialized talent required to provide the best photo and video possible.
We are never too busy to meet a request, respond to feedback, or answer a question.
With a specialized team, illness and burnout don't derail the process.