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how to look (and feel) good for your wedding photos


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We get it: the idea of getting thousands of photos taken on your wedding day can sound a little daunting. Doubly so when you generally don’t spend much time in front of the camera.

It’s not all that scary, though, promise. ✨ It’s really all about leaning into what makes you you.

We believe that different poses work for different couples and personalities, so we’re not sharing a laundry list of go-tos. Instead, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best in front of the camera.

Before the day, let your photographer know about your concerns.
Your photographer might not mind that beauty mark the way you do, so help them take the guesswork out of it. Giving them a heads up will better inform their compositions and editing workflow.

Know your best side.
Everyone has one. Knowing yours will help your photographer know how to place you, how to angle you, and how to place people around you. If you don’t know what your best side is, no worries! Your photographer will help you figure it out.

Maintain good posture.
Not just in your photos, but in life, too. ☀ Stand straight and tall, and keep your shoulders pulled backward to appear more confident and less slouchy.

Corinne + Robert The Ivory Oak

Mind your chin.
Our general rule of thumb: keep your chin parallel to the ground. It’ll elongate your neck and help you avoid a double chin.

Relax your eyes and face.
If at any point you start to feel tense or nervous, take a moment to reset. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and open them when you’re ready. Relax your face and jaw muscles. Once you’re all set, you’ll know what to do for the next shot.

Turn your body at a 45-degree angle.
Weirdly specific, maybe, but straight-on photos typically aren’t the most flattering. We’ve found that the 45-degree angle is the sweet spot -- you’ll show off more of your body’s depth instead of its width.

Find something to laugh or smile at.
Ask your spouse (!!!) to tell you a joke. Dance around. Laugh at how awkward you might feel, even. (We promise the feeling will pass.) Whatever does the trick, make sure it helps you get lost in the moment for a bit. You’ll forget the camera is even there, and voilà -- your photos will be that much more magical.

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