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Robert P.

Lead Photographer | New York City
Weddings Captured

Born in the United States to Italian immigrant parents, Robert moved as a child to Italy and grew up in the hilly town of Celano. As a young adult, Robert permanently moved back to the US to become a photographer.

He studied photography at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology where he received a BFA in Commercial Photography. After completing his studies he moved to New York City and started a long working relationship with acclaimed American photographer Deborah Turbeville (1932 –2013) and extensively traveled with her for photoshoots around the world. He also worked for a number of years with Mary Ellen Mark and Brigitte Lacombe.  

In 2010 he started his solo career as a freelance photographer and videographer in New York City, working for clients and publications including The New York Times, Italian Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, Colombian Government Trade Commission, McCall’s Patterns, Henry Winston, White House Black Market, Warren Tricomi, Anne Bowen, Alinari, Tikvah Fund, and Maserati USA.

In 2010-11-12 he traveled to Georgia and lived at the Phoka Monastery. The photos and article were published in The New York Times and were part of an exhibit in Italy. In 2010, sponsored by the Colombian Trade Commission, he traveled to the Colombian jungle and lived with the Arhuacos and Kogi Indians of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, these photos were also featured in the New York Times and exhibited in the USA and Italy.

Robert enjoys capturing the great variety of photography styles required in a wedding, from still-lifes, to portraiture, to architectural, to fashion, and more. He also firmly believe that while quality photography is important, the trust and genuine connection between the photographer and couple cannot be overvalued.  


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